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VallE d'Aosta Snow and avalanche bulletin

Snow and weather report

The Snow Weather Report is prepared by the Snow and Avalanche Office of the Valle d'Aosta Autonomous Region and has been produced, since 2009, with the technical support of the Safe Mountain Foundation. The compendium, which reached its 16th edition in Winter 2020-2021, represents a useful tool for all those who - on a professional basis, for study, for personal interest or for scientific curiosity - want to deepen the salient features of the Aosta Valley winters, ranging from the description of the snow and weather trend, through the forecasting of the avalanche danger, and concluding with an in-depth description of the main natural avalanche events and recorded avalanche accidents. The volume is full of insights and ideas with the aim of disseminating concepts and examples useful for understanding the subject of snow and avalanches and the management of related risks. All sixteen editions (the first of 2005-2006) can be consulted and downloaded on this page in low resolution .pdf format. Furthermore, all editions are available in high resolution by writing to: Up to the 9th edition, the paper format is also available and can be requested and collected free of charge, while stocks last, at the Snow and Avalanche Office, located in Loc. Amérique 33, Quart (AO). In addition, starting from the 2019-2020 edition, in addition to the full document, a summary document and the subdivision into chapters that can be downloaded individually on the basis of specific interest on a topic are also available.